“Zip Across the Clyde” funds AEDs in Glasgow

The British Heart Foundation held a dramatic and exhilarating fundraiser earlier this month to raise money to purchase automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be deployed in Glasgow.

Hundreds of people, each with a minimum of £100 pledged, were hoisted 150 feet into the air to fly across the Clyde River in Glasgow on a 1000-foot long zip line.


Scots actor Gray O’Brien zips across the Clyde River to raise funds for defibrillators in Glasgow (photo: British Heart Foundation Scotland Facebook page).

“Thanks to all of you who took part in yesterday’s Zip Line across the Clyde!” The British Heart Foundation – Scotland wrote on its Facebook page. “You were in good company with actors John Murtagh, Gray O’Brien, and Joyce Falconer, all zipping across.”

Murtagh and Falconer appeared in the TV series River City, and O’Brien is known for his work on Coronation Street. Just a year ago, Murtagh, 65, suffered a heart attack while riding in a car on the highway. The driver rushed him to a hospital.

“In my case, I was lucky. I got to hospital in time for life-saving treatment and I didn’t go into cardiac arrest,” Murtagh told STV.TV after the zip wire ride. “But others are not so lucky. It’s so comforting to know that life-saving defibrillators are going to be located around the city of Glasgow.”

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