“Use of Non-Cardiac Science Defibrillator Batteries or Refurbished AED Batteries”

Date: 01/25/2008

Title: Use of Non-Cardiac Science Defibrillator Batteries or Refurbished AED Batteries

Important Notice: Use of Non-Cardiac Science Defibrillator Batteries or Refurbished AED Batteries

It has come to our attention that some companies may be attempting to manufacture copies of our proprietary AED batteries and then market them as suitable replacements for Cardiac Science batteries. Other companies may have attempted to “”refurbish”” old Cardiac Science batteries and then offer them for sale.

There is no publicly available evidence of which we are aware which would suggest that third party “”copies”” of our proprietary batteries are fully compatible with our various AEDs and the use of such copies may adversely affect product performance. Similarly, we are aware of no information suggesting that old Cardiac Science batteries can be refurbished in a manner that ensures that they will continue to function properly over time.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that copies of our battery, or refurbished batteries, NOT be purchased or installed in your Cardiac Science AED. Most of our AED products come with a 4 year full operational replacement battery guarantee, which we believe to be a far more prudent option than the purchase of either third party manufactured or refurbished replacement batteries. We also call your attention to our Limited Warranty, which states that the Limited Warranty is void if “”Any Cardiac Science product is used in conjunction with incompatible products, parts, or accessories, including but not limited to batteries. Products, parts, and accessories are not compatible if they are not Cardiac Science products intended for use with the Powerheart AED.”” We would also note that we do not consider refurbished batteries to be compatible.

To ensure you have a Cardiac Science manufactured battery please purchase at one of the following locations:

  • Online at www.aed.com
  • Orders and Customer Care in the U.S. at 800-426-0337
  • Your authorized Cardiac Science distributor