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Football AEDs: $150,000 pledged in Victoria

The Casey Weekly news site reports that $150,000 in private funds has been pledged to purchase automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for football clubs in Victoria, Australia. A map of the campaign to put AEDs at football clubs throughout Victoria. An AED campaign with the slogan “Defib your club, for life” began May 28. It marked the one-year anniversary of […]

Experts urge AEDs for Europe’s sports arenas

More than 25% of Europe’s major sports arenas lacked AEDs. A study published last month in the European Heart Journal said that many European sports arenas are ill-equipped to deal with cardiac events that may strike spectators, players, or officials. Researchers surveyed 187 sports arenas in 10 countries that played host to 190 football (soccer) clubs. During the 2005-2006 […]

Jarque, Foe, Feher, Puerta, O’Donnell: Soccer’s sudden cardiac arrest deaths

Sudden cardiac arrest – when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood to the lungs, brain, and body – is frightening enough, but consider this: Even people who appear healthy and fit, including professional athletes, can have undiagnosed heart conditions that make them vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest. The death last week of Daniel Jarque, a 26-year-old […]