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Sudden cardiac arrest on the soccer field: This time, a save. [VIDEO]

Miguel Garcia, a professional soccer player in Salamanca, Spain, is recovering from cardiac arrest suffered on the field on Sunday. The 31-year-old player suddenly collapsed during the 61st minute of the game against. As this dramatic video shows, medical staff were able to revive Garcia on the field. European soccer has a history of on-field sudden […]

Jarque, Foe, Feher, Puerta, O’Donnell: Soccer’s sudden cardiac arrest deaths

Sudden cardiac arrest – when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood to the lungs, brain, and body – is frightening enough, but consider this: Even people who appear healthy and fit, including professional athletes, can have undiagnosed heart conditions that make them vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest. The death last week of Daniel Jarque, a 26-year-old […]