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Emilie’s story: Why parents must know about Long QT Syndrome (Video)

Each year an estimated 325,000 people in the U.S. die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The Heart Rhythm Society estimates that about 7,000 of these deaths are children and infants. In 1997, Christine Puricelli of Chandler, Arizona, lost her 22-year-old daughter Emilie to SCA caused by a genetic condition called Long QT Syndrome. The warning […]

Sad stories, avoidable deaths?

Every day, 19 kids in American die of sudden cardiac arrest, from toddlers to college athletes. How many of these lives might be saved if communities made automated external defibrillators (AEDs) readily available? How many would be spared if their families, schools, and sports organizations were aware of the benefits of cardiac screening for heart defects? You […]

Illinois church’s AED saved a member of the congregation

When someone snores during church services, it’s often a sign that the pastor needs to liven up the sermon. But at Chain of Lakes Community Bible Church, it was a critical warning signal that a member of the congregation was going into cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the church in Lake Villa, Illinois, had a Powerheart automated […]

Olivia’s story: A young life lost to sudden cardiac arrest

EDITOR’S NOTE: Corinne Ruiz shares with us the heartbreaking story of her daughter Olivia, who died at age 14 from sudden cardiac arrest attributed to Long QT Syndrome. April 22, 2004, my life was changed forever. My 14-year-old daughter, Olivia Corinne Hoff, died of sudden cardiac arrest. Olivia was the perfect picture of health, so I thought. She […]

Long QT Syndrome: Jackie Perry Renfrow loses TWO children

Editor’s Note: The author of today’s guest blog post, Jackie Renfrow, found out about Long QT Syndrome only after the hereditary disease devastated her family. Now she campaigns for public awareness and heart safety so that other families will be spared. Like all parents, I worried about my children. As Jimmy and Crissy were growing up they […]