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AEDs for sports: A NY lacrosse tourney raises money in honor of fallen student [VIDEO]

When it comes to awareness of the need for automated external defibrillators(AEDs) at sports arenas, lacrosse players are at the top of the game. This past weekend the 5th annual John Mack Southern Tier Shoot Out Boys Lacrosse Tournament in Union, N.Y., hosted 59 lacrosse teams and more than 800 players for the nation’s largest lacrosse […]

Commotio cordis in sports: a link to lacrosse

Researchers have discovered a link between commotio cordis in young athletes and the popular sport lacrosse. Commotio cordis is an often-fatal heart rhythm abnormality triggered by a blow – even a relatively mild one – to the chest. Commotio cordis is rare, but it can be catastrophic when it occurs. A recent commotio cordis study, […]