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Danish principal: “There Ought to Be a Defibrillator in Every School”

“There ought to be a defibrillator in every school,” says Jan Thrane, principal of Denmark’s North Zealand Primary and Upper Secondary School (NGG). It is not yet common practice within Danish primary and upper secondary schools to have defibrillators at their disposal, but the principal of NGG would like to change this. Denmark’s Red flere liv (Save […]

Football club AED saves man; “Defibrillator saved my life.”

Thomas Faarup was playing old boys’ football with friends in Eskildstrup, Denmark, when he began to feel dizzy. Just a few moments later he collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest. Thomas Faarup was struck down abruptly by sudden cardiac arrest The referee and two other players rushed to give him first aid, including artificial respiration and […]

Cardiac Science for the week of June 7: Police Defibrillators

Powerheart G3 AED now atop Mount Snowdon in Wales Powerheart AEDs are now available atop Mount Snowdon in Wales. (Photo credit: North Wales News) Through the combined efforts of Welsh Ambulance Service, Snowdown Mountain Railway, an automated external defibrillator(AED) is now available at the highest point in Wales, Hafod Eryri atop Mount Snowdon. The National Public Access […]

Just an unbelievable AED save in Cedar Rapids, IA [VIDEO]

Police Officer Reid Lander climbed over a train carrying a Powerheart AED to save a stricken cardiac arrest victim on the other side. “I climbed up over the train and ran the rest of the way over to the ballpark,” said Lander. The 47-year-old man from Illinois survived. He was taken to Mercy Medical Center and doctors credited Lander’s […]

Hong Kong hotel celebrates AED save

The Excelsior Hotel in Hong Kong got together on May 6 to celebrate the guest’s life they saved a month earlier. Staff involved in the rescue received pins proclaiming, “I helped save someone’s life.” A retired couple and their two adult children, had just arrived in Hong Kong, their first stop on a month-long Asian […]