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How to get the most out of your AED purchase

Purchasing an automated external defibrillator (AED) is a major step toward protecting your organization, your customers, and the wider community. You can get the most out of your AED purchase by making sure the AED is easy to find in an emergency, letting people know that it’s available, showing staff how it works, and arranging for CPR […]

In Latin America, “Proyecto Latir” urges AED preparedness

In Colombia, Cardiac Science distributor Incav Technologies has launchedProyecto Latir (“Project Heartbeat”), providing free CPR/AED training courses to help people respond to sudden cardiac arrest. Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, scientific director for the Proyecto Latir, on one of the projects AED training videos on YouTube. “In its first year, Proyecto Latir has taught dozens of courses to […]

Scouts on raft trip rescue sudden cardiac arrest victim

Heart Safe news: Our weekly update on what’s happening in the world of heart safety and noninvasive cardiology Idaho Scouts use CPR and AED to save sudden cardiac arrest victim When a friend suffered sudden cardiac arrest on a rafting trip, Boy Scouts started CPR and headed for a dock where rangers had an AED. Just […]

Thanksgiving for lives saved with Cardiac Science AEDs

This Thanskgiving season, we’re thankful for all the organizations that have donated automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to their communities and for all the businesses, schools, agencies, and organizations that have installed them. We’re thankful for all the supervisors and administrators who have authorized AED and CPR training for staff and volunteers—and for all the people who have […]