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Michigan school raises AED funds in memory of Wes Leonard

Fennville High School in Fennville, Mich., hosted its 4th annual “Never Forgotten” game on Jan. 30 in memory of Wes Leonard. A member of the Fennville Blackhawks basketball team, Leonard, suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) during a game in 2011. He collapsed just moments after making the game-winning overtime shot that gave the Blackhawks a 20-0 season. […]

Texas school’s AED saves 6-year-old’s life

When 6-year-old Matthew Gates collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest while playing after school, staff from Brookhollow Elementary School and Matthew’s YMCA program sprang into action. The YMCA site director, a teacher, and the school custodian acted in seconds, starting CPR immediately and using the nearby Powerheart G3 automated external defibrillator to save the kindergartner’s life. Matthew’s mom […]

Happy Birthday, Angel, miss you more every day – MOM

Editor’s Note: On January 26, 2003, Erin Anderegg experienced a mother’s worst nightmare; the death of her daughter, Sara Kathleen Schacht, due to sudden cardiac arrest. Today would have been Sara’s 26th birthday, had heart disease not taken her away from us. Erin shares her daughter’s story in today’s guest blog post. (Sara’s sisters also dedicate a blog […]