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Dr. Oz: Heart screening, AEDs in schools, save kids’ lives [VIDEO]

Recently Dr. Mehmet Oz, professor of surgery at Columbia University in New York and host of the syndicated TV program The Dr. Oz Show,  took an in-depth look at what parents can do to prevent sudden cardiac death — what he terms “the number one sudden killer in children.” The show began by reviewing the […]

Heroic six-year old gets a defibrillator in his school [VIDEO]

When young Arthur Roth Stenberg in Copenhagen, Denmark learned about cardiac arrest, he set out on a mission to protect his school. His dad, Cardiac Science Sales Director Carsten Roth tells us, I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by the schoolteacher of my six-year-old son, Arthur. The schoolteacher told me: “Carsten, you son says that […]