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Texas teacher saved by nurse with school AED

Cardiac Science AED Specialist Mark Deener with Eagle Heights Emergency Response Team.

A teacher was working with students in her classroom at Eagle Heights Elementary School in Azle, Texas, (northwest of Fort Worth) — when suddenly she collapsed. What happened next was a textbook example of planning, training, and preparedness: The substitute teacher assisting in the classroom summoned help, and soon Eagle Heights staff were calling 911 […]

“I would like to help stop heart disease.” – Bailey, Evergreen Elementary

Here at Cardiac Science, we always appreciate hearing from the community. The following letter was sent to us by a local elementary-school student named Bailey. Because the future of cardiac health rests in the hands of our children, we must remember to nurture their aspirations. One day, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, they will produce […]

Sudden cardiac arrest on the soccer field: This time, a save. [VIDEO]

Miguel Garcia, a professional soccer player in Salamanca, Spain, is recovering from cardiac arrest suffered on the field on Sunday. The 31-year-old player suddenly collapsed during the 61st minute of the game against. As this dramatic video shows, medical staff were able to revive Garcia on the field. European soccer has a history of on-field sudden […]

Maryland lifeguards use pool’s AED to save cardiac arrest victim

An outing to watch her grandchildren frolic in a community swimming pool earlier this month was a near-tragedy for a 62-year-old Maryland woman. She suffered cardiac arrest while sitting in a lounge chair and, by the time she was noticed, was without a pulse and not breathing. Fortunately, the Westminster Municipal Pool in Westminster, Maryland, […]

After an AED rescue, more defibrillators coming to West Dorset, UK

After a dramatic AED rescue of a 67-year-old man who suffered cardiac arrest at Bridport Leisure Center last year, more automatic external defibrillators will be installed in the West Dorset region. Bridport Councillor Kurt Wallace led a campaign to get public support for the life-saving devices. More AEDs will now be sited in public buildings, supermarkets, and […]