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Sudden cardiac arrest: New research and awareness in Australia

A new research study about to launch in Australia will test the effectiveness of intravenous cold saline treatment, administered by paramedics, to reduce brain injury in victims of sudden cardiac arrest. In the RINSE (Rapid Infusion of Cold Normal SalineE) study, Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedics will administer cold saline solution during resuscitation. The […]

Powerheart AED distributor rescues Budapest cardiac arrest victim

Gyula Ősz was in Budapest’s Bosnyak open-air market shopping for flowers on his way to a wedding when he heard a woman call for help. He found a man collapsed in the marketplace, an apparent victim of sudden cardiac arrest. An airline pilot had also responded, and the pilot began CPR while Ősz ran to […]

AEDs for sports and recreation: Cardiac Science for the week of Aug. 2

Heart Safe news: Our weekly update on what’s happening in the world of heart safety and noninvasive cardiology AED donation in Winter Park, Florida, is a memorial to local sports enthusiast Cardiac Science donated an AED to the city of Winter Park, Florida, in memory of Bryan VanValkenburg, who died of sudden cardiac arrest in 2008. […]