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Athletic Trainer Revives Basketball Player with an AED

On Wednesday, July 17, April Daniels, an athletic trainer from Cardinal Stritch University, was working at an Amateur Athletic Union* (AAU) basketball tournament at Homestead High School in Mequon, Wisconsin when a teenage basketball player, 17, collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Daniels later told Fox 6 WITI TV in Milwaukee, “He did have a […]

CPR and AED Awareness Week: Defibrillators in schools [PDF and VIDEO]

For many communities, the first priority when it comes to heart safety is putting automated external defibrillators in schools. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s crucial to equip schools with this life-saving equipment and provide training in its use: • Sudden cardiac arrest strikes people of all ages and all fitness levels. […]

Louisiana AED donation: Foundation gives 10 defibrillators to Livingston Parish schools: Cardiac Science for the week of Feb. 22

Louisiana AED donation: Foundation gives 10 defibrillators to Livingston Parish schools A.J. and Nancy Barcia donate 10 AEDs to the Livingston Parish public schools (photo: Livingston Parish Schools) Ten years ago, 17-year-old Chad Barcia died from sudden cardiac arrest while playing rugby. Today, a foundation created by his parents, A.J. and Nancy Barcia, donatesautomated external […]

AEDs in Schools: Two Oklahoma school districts invest in AEDs systemwide

AEDs in Schools: Awareness of the need for automated external defibrillatorsin school systems is growing, with several states mandating the installation ofAEDs in high schools. Oklahoma is one of the leaders in AED awareness, thanks to the efforts of Sen. Susan Paddack, who pushed for Oklahoma AED legislation in the memory of two young boys who died during sports […]