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Students win national award for sudden cardiac arrest video [VIDEO]

Student video about sudden cardiac arrest wins national award Two students at Norwich Free Academy in Norwich, Connecticut, won anational award from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation for their video about the life and death of schoolmate Larry Pontbriant. Pontbriant died of sudden cardiac arrest three years ago while running in a fundraising event. His parents […]

Oregon AED law effective 1/1/10: Helping businesses comply

The new Oregon law requiring larger businesses to have at least oneautomated external defibrillator and AED-trained personnel on the premises goes into effect Jan. 1. Across the state businesses are getting ready to comply. Cardiac Science’s Oregon AED expert Jeff Hoyt has been out in the field, assisting Oregon businesses with AEDs, AED management programs, and AED training. […]

Commotio cordis survival: Cardiac Science for the week of July 20

Heartsafe news: Our weekly update on what’s happening in the world of heart safety and noninvasive cardiology Sports AEDs: Commotio cordis survival rate is just 15 percent Fourteen-year-old Hunter Cairns survived commotio cordis — rapid, ineffective heartbeat caused by a blow to the chest — making him one of the fortunate 15 percent of victims […]