Switzerland physician saves longtime patient in cardiac arrest

Glenn Loettgen, Cardiac Science Director of Sales for Central Europe, is happy.

“Another life – no, another family – is revived from a defibrillator I helped place in a physician’s office.”


Specialized cardiac St. Gallen internist Dr. Werner Deuel

It was 2 o’clock at night when Kurt Matter felt pain in his left arm. Then the pain spread over his chest. Finally, the 63-year-old former managing director for Unilever woke his wife. Something had to be done.

Kurt Matter is one of the lucky few who have a family doctor who is always accessible in an emergency via mobile phone. The specialized cardiac St. Gallen internist Dr. Werner Deuel got the call and he ordered him immediately into his practice. En route via ambulance, Mr. Matter slipped into cardiac arrest right in front of his wife.

“He rolled his eyes suddenly. His arms turned blue and foam was coming from his mouth. I was praying for his life. Cardiac arrest is almost certainly equivalent to a death sentence. We were very lucky that Dr. Deuel has a defibrillator and was able to resuscitate my husband. For this we are eternally grateful. ”

Kurt Matter said, “I used to be almost exclusively on the plane. I had virtually no exercise. And I smoked two small parcels a day. That has now changed fundamentally. Since then I have not touched a single cigarette. Suddenly, the desire was gone. It was like a switch that someone tipped. And movement is now always on the agenda. ”

With today’s defibrillators, you don’t need a heart specialist to be life-saver. In Switzerland every year 10,000 people die from the sudden cardiac death.  We can reduce the number with wider distribution and awareness of automated external defibrillators. Defibrillators like the Powerheart AED tell the user what to do, step by step.

Matter added, “We can fly to the moon, but defibrillators are not available everywhere in the country. That must change; we want to save more lives.”