Sports program AED saves a 13-year-old’s life

What could have been a very sad start to the fall sports season at Azle Junior High in Azle, Texas, had a happy ending when bystanders used the school’s automated external defibrillator (AED) to restart a 13-year-old football player’s heart.


Firefighter Mike Leatherwood with a Powerheart AED G3 similar to the one used to save a seventh grader’s life. ( image)

The seventh grader was involved in a collision during the game Tuesday night and collapsed on the field. According to news reports, off-duty firefighter Mike Leatherwood, coach Tim Spoonemore, and nurse Rita White coordinated the rescue. The coach retrieved the school’s defibrillator and started CPR. Leatherwood used thePowerheart G3 AED to restart the boy’s heart.

“We hooked it up and the machine said one shock was advised,” Leatherwood told theStar-Telegram. “I gave him one shock and his pulse came back immediately.”

The boy, whose name was withheld at his family’s request, was flown to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth. He was reported to be in good condition the following morning. School administrators said that AEDs have been available at the school since 2007.

Find out more about the AED rescue in this video:

Adults Honored for Saving Collapsed Azle 7th Grader:

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