Shopping centre AED used to save woman’s life

Three security guards in Middleton, England, used their shopping centre’sautomated external defibrillator (AED) to revive a 75-year-old woman who had collapsed with sudden cardiac arrest.

According to the AED story in the Middleton Guardian, Leigh Garratt, John Hayes and Paul Robinson did all the right things. Garratt, who works for Reliance, the company that manages the Middleton Shopping Center, was the first on the scene.


John Heyes, Paul Robinson and Leigh Garratt, Vera’s daughter Jacqueline Roach and NHS Community Resuscitation Liason officer David McNally (Photo: MEN Media)

“I was just heading out on my lunch when I spotted a crowd gathered around this lady,” he told the paper. “I went over and started performing CPR and asked my colleagues to bring over the defibrillation machine from the shopping centre.”

While an ambulance was summoned, the trio started CPR and attached the Powerheart G3 defibrillator.

“There is a golden few minutes when someone’s heart stops,” Leigh explained. “I have since found out that Mrs Roach had been there for over 10 minutes before we arrived, but we are trained to do this and were glad to help out.”

As well as working as security guards in Middleton Shopping Centre, Leigh and his colleagues are all trained in basic life support as well as how to use an AED.

David McNally, community resuscitation manager for North West Ambulance Service Community First Responders program, who trained the guards, had high praise for their actions.

“If these machines are used within 4 minutes of someone collapsing the chances of people surviving goes up quite dramatically and this is what happened here,” he said. “It is testament to their skill and the programme we do that someone’s life has been saved.”

Mrs Roach’s daughter Jacqueline, told the paper that the men’s actions had saved her mother’s life on June 30.

“I cannot thank the guards enough for what they have done,” she said.
“Together with the ambulance and doctors they have saved my mum’s live.”

Since the incident, Mrs Roach has been fitted with a pacemaker and has
made a speedy recovery.

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