Powerheart AED distributor rescues Budapest cardiac arrest victim

Gyula Ősz was in Budapest’s Bosnyak open-air market shopping for flowers on his way to a wedding when he heard a woman call for help. He found a man collapsed in the marketplace, an apparent victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

An airline pilot had also responded, and the pilot began CPR while Ősz ran to his car to get the Powerheart G3 automated external defibrillator (AED) he carries with him for his work as the Technical Services Manager for Cardiac Science distributor Innomed.


Cardiac Science representative Gyula Ősz, shown here demonstrating a Powerheart AED. He used the AED last week to rescue a man who suffered cardiac arrest in Budapest.

Ősz returned with the AED and attached the electrodes to the man’s chest. Twice the AED advised and delivered a shock, and then the victim began to show signs of recovery. By the time the ambulance arrived, the victim’s heartbeat was restored.

“This was a moment I was always waiting for,” Ősz told us. “I frequently teach people how to use an AED, but this time I realized: the technology really works.”

Ősz was the second Cardiac Science AED distributor to save a life with a Powerheart AED in recent months. In June, sales rep Catherine Rees used the Powerheart AED in her car to rescue her husband when he went into sudden cardiac arrest at a go-kart track in New South Wales, Australia.

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