Pool AEDs: Foundation donates AEDs to increase pool safety

Connor Freed, age 5, died from drowning at a community pool in Crofton, Maryland on June 5, 2006. In the aftermath of his death, his parents dedicated themselves to raising awareness of pool safety and improving safety conditions at Maryland pools. Their mission includes equipping pools with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and ensuring that lifeguards are trained to use the machines.


A Powerheart AED G3 donated by the Connor Cares Foundation. (Photo: Michelle Stephenson)

Debbie Naegle-Freed, Connor’s mother, told the Edgewater-Davidson Patch online news site that the Connor Cares Foundation hopes to provide a defibrillator to every pool in Anne Arundel County — and has the goal of improving pool safety state and nationwide. This year the foundation has provided defibrillators for three area pools.

The foundation also works closely with Maryland State Senator Katherine Klausmeier to advance legislation that would require AEDs at county or municipal pools.

For more information on Maryland AEDs, please contact AED expert Cheryl Anne DeHart.

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