Performance Guarantee Notice

Date: February 1, 2019

To our valued customers,

Effective immediately, Cardiac Science will be implementing a shipping and handling fee for batteries supplied under our Performance Guarantee program. Due to continually changing restrictions and regulations on the shipping, storage and handling of Lithium batteries, and the associated increasing costs, providing batteries under the Performance Guarantee program has become prohibitive for Cardiac Science. The shipping and handling fee ($60 U.S.) will help Cardiac Science offset some of this expense.

Under the Performance Guarantee, Cardiac Science will supply a medical grade Intellisense® battery to replace a similar Cardiac Science battery if that battery triggers a “low battery” signal in the AED at any time prior to 4 years from the date of installation in the AED. This includes instances in which the low battery signal is a result of use in a rescue or multiple rescues. Please note that the replacement battery is itself guaranteed to provide at least 4 years of service, or it can also be replaced under the program.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for your ongoing support of Cardiac Science.

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