Ohio fitness club AED saves the life of a club member

Anytime Fitness, where a member was saved using a Cardiac Science G3 Plus AED.

Anytime Fitness in London, Ohio, keeps a Cardiac Science Powerheart®
 (automated external defibrillator) on the wall.

So when Brenda Wallace collapsed after a workout, general manager Nathan Miller was ready.

Wallace, 64, had been working out on a stationery bicycle. She walked over a couch and sat down, and Miller was headed over to greet her. Then he saw her slump over, unconscious.

Wallace had experienced sudden cardiac arrest and had stopped breathing.

Miller and two club members rushed to her aid. Tiffany Castle, who is a registered nurse, started CPR. When Miller arrived with the AED, Castle attached the AED pads to Wallace’s chest.

The AED diagnosed a shockable condition and gave Wallace a total of three shocks. By the time the EMS team arrived, Wallace’s heart was beating and she was breathing again. She was transported to the local hospital, then taken by helicopter to Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus. At the hospital, she had a defibrillator implanted.

The following week, Wallace was out of the hospital. She visited Anytime Fitness where she thanked Castle and fitness club staff.

Wallace was fortunate that when cardiac arrest struck, she was surrounded by people who were prepared. Anytime Fitness keeps an AED in easy reach of staff. Castle told WBNS-10TV in Columbus that she had renewed her CPR certification just a week before the rescue.

Anytime Fitness General Manager Nathan Miller with the club's Powerheart AED.

Anytime Fitness General Manager Nathan Miller with the club’s Powerheart AED.