Notice Regarding Microsoft Operating System Security Patches, Updates, and Anti-Virus Software

Date: 04/27/2009

Title: Notice regarding Microsoft operating system security patches, updates, and anti-virus software

This announcement is to clarify Cardiac Science’s policy on applying Microsoft operating system security patches, critical updates, and anti-virus software.

Operating System Security Patches: Cardiac Science recommends that all critical and security updates from Microsoft (for Windows OS, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Office applications) be applied by the customer to PC-based systems as they become available, especially if such systems are connected to a network infrastructure and/or the internet. Updates should not be applied during active patient monitoring. A backup of all critical data should be performed before applying any patch.

The Microsoft operating system patches on the original Cardiac Science system configuration are the only certified updates for the system. Until tested, Cardiac Science cannot guarantee the updates will not interfere with the system application. However, we believe the added security of applying the patches outweighs the possible risk of system malfunction due to a conflict with a security update.
Anti-Virus Software: Cardiac Science recommends installing reputable commercially available anti-virus software (e.g., Norton or McAfee) on any PC-based system, especially if the system is connected to a network infrastructure and/or the internet. The anti-virus software should be configured to exclude the application data directory, and should not be configured for on-access scanning. Full system scans and virus definition updates should only be performed after hours. Scans should be performed at an interval appropriate for your circumstances, according to your own security policies.

Please direct any questions to our Technical Support Department at 1-800-426-0337 or email