Just an unbelievable AED save in Cedar Rapids, IA [VIDEO]

Police Officer Reid Lander climbed over a train carrying a Powerheart AED to save a stricken cardiac arrest victim on the other side.

“I climbed up over the train and ran the rest of the way over to the ballpark,” said Lander.

The 47-year-old man from Illinois survived. He was taken to Mercy Medical Center and doctors credited Lander’s fast response for helping him pull through.

What a week for the Scotts! We reported about an American Red Cross AED poolside save in Oklahoma earlier this week, courtesy of our Oklahoma Certified AED Specialist Scott Foster. Today’s save is “brought to you by” our Iowa AED Specialist Scott Barnes who got that heart defibrillator in the police car.

Reach out to these two heroes to protect those in your care, especially those of you in the law enforcement community. Visit our Police AED/Law Enforcement AED section to read more.