Jon Seale is putting AEDs in more Colorado schools [VIDEO]

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News report covers Colorado school AEDs and AED legislation

While a growing number of states require that schools have automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and AED-trained staff on their premises,Colorado AED laws do not require them for public or private schools. Some schools have invested in AEDs anyway. A recent AED story on covered the situation.

“Our job here is to not only love the children and educate them, but provide a safe environment,” Dan King, owner of the Goddard School in Parker, Colorado, told “I didn’t feel we were doing that unless we had an AED unit.”

Each year, 7,000 children in North America die from sudden cardiac arrest. It’s not uncommon for sudden cardiac arrest to strike apparently healthy children in gym class or on the athletic field — sometimes because of an undiagnosed heart condition.

Jon Seale, Cardiac Science’s director of strategic accounts for North America, talked with about the importance of AEDs in schools. He points out that Texas AED laws andNew York AED laws passed to mandate defibrillators in most schools.

American Red Cross, Cardiac Science sponsor Illinois AED awareness event


A representative of Handicapped Development Center in the Quad Cities, Illinois, receives a Powerheart AED donated by Cardiac Science.

Businesses and organizations in the Quad Cities area of Illinois gathered earlier this month to hear American Red Cross and Cardiac Science representatives talk aboutautomated external defibrillators. The meeting covered the important of AEDs in the workplaceAED legislation, and Good Samaritan laws.

Cardiac Science donated a Powerheart G3 AED to the event, which was awarded to participants representing the Handicapped Development Center.

A Red Cross swim instructor recently used a Powerheart AED to save the life of a man who sank from cardiac arrest below the water. See Oklahoma Red Cross AED.