Indiana police officers revive sudden cardiac arrest victim

In Seymour, Indiana, police cars are equipped with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and officers are trained in CPR and AED use. On Dec. 23, Officers James Handley and Mat Carver put that equipment and training to use when they were the first responders to a call to assist an unconscious man.


Seymour, Indiana, police officers Mat Carver and James Handley with the Powerheart AED they used to save the life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim. (Photo: Aubrey Woods,

According to the report on, the officers arrived to find a 56-year-old man unconscious and without a heartbeat. They began CPR and opened their Powerheart AED. A third officer, Brian Williams, arrived and assisted. As soon as the officers placed the pads on the man’s chest, the AED analyzed the victim’s cardiac activity and advised them to administer a shock.

“It advised to shock (him) and so we did,” Handley told “At that point he began breathing on his own and had a heartbeat.”

An ambulance arrived and transported the man to the hospital, where he was later reported to be recovering.

Cardiac Science AED specialist Troy Pflugner noted that the quick response by trained officers made all the difference.

“They had a beating heart within two minutes,” he said.

Carver, a probationary officer, had attended CPR and AED training just two weeks earlier.

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