In Latin America, “Proyecto Latir” urges AED preparedness

In Colombia, Cardiac Science distributor Incav Technologies has launchedProyecto Latir (“Project Heartbeat”), providing free CPR/AED training courses to help people respond to sudden cardiac arrest.


Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, scientific director for the Proyecto Latir, on one of the projects AED training videos on YouTube.

“In its first year, Proyecto Latir has taught dozens of courses to private companies, hospitals and government agencies,” says Diego Orjuela, managing partner with Incav Colombia. “Proyecto Latir  seeks to give back to our community. We find there is an enormous need for basic CPR and trauma training in a country that is vulnerable to violence as well as natural catastrophes. We have offered free training in a number of key public buildings in Colombia’s capital city, Bogota.”

Dr. Cesar Rodriguez, a leading authority on resuscitation, serves as scientific director for the project. Dr. Rodriguez is a certified instructor in BLS, ACLS, ACLS EP, PALS, PHTLS, PHTLS for Military, NALS, Fenix III, Advanced Trauma, and Obstetric and Pediatric Trauma. He has taught more than 300 CPR and Trauma courses in Colombia alone.

Proyecto Latir recently conducted an advanced CPR course for nurses in one of Colombia’s leading hospitals, Clinica el Country. Learn more about Proyecto Latir on its YouTube channel.

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