“I would like to help stop heart disease.” – Bailey, Evergreen Elementary

wholecardCropHere at Cardiac Science, we always appreciate hearing from the community. The following letter was sent to us by a local elementary-school student named Bailey. Because the future of cardiac health rests in the hands of our children, we must remember to nurture their aspirations. One day, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, they will produce the innovations that help stop heart disease.

Dear Cardiac Science Corporation,

I am a fifth grader at Evergreen Elementary. In my class we are having a contest to write to Northwest companies. When I researched on your website I found out you help stop heart disease. I figured I would try to help stop heart disease when I am a little older. I don’t know how to help stop heart disease so when you write back please tell me how. And by the way, does diabetes and heart disease have anything in common? Because I am a little diabetic girl and I would like to help stop heart disease. I have always wanted to be a doctor when I grow up.

If someone writes back to me I might win a prize in my class. Also could you send me something please!? If I win the prize I will write back that I won. Please respond as fast as you can!!! Thank you for your consideration and support.


We replied to Bailey, thanking her letter and answering her questions. The following is an excerpt from our reply.

In response to your questions, there is not really a cure for heart disease yet. Just as you probably take steps each day to control your diabetes, people should also make changes to their lifestyle to control and prevent heart disease. This can include eating well, participating in regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight. The best thing you can do right now is to spread the word: a healthy lifestyle is the best way to deter heart disease.

Best wishes to Bailey (who ended up winning the class prize) and her classmates.  Take good care of yourselves and remember, it’s never too early to practice preventative healthcare!


Evergreen Elementary School