Golf course AEDs: A save at the 17th hole

James “Jim” Brandenburg is an enthusiastic golfer and a regular at the Lake of the Woods golf course in Mahomet, Illinois. So even though the weather on April 4 was cold, grey and windy, Brandenburg was out on the course, playing a round with two friends.

When he collapsed at the 17th hole from sudden cardiac arrest, his friends sprang into action. They used a cell phone to call 911, and then called the golf course office. Then they started CPR.


A golf course AED helped save the life of a golfer who suffered sudden cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, the golf course has an automated external defibrillator (AED). The assistant manager of the golf course and the assistant golf pro grabbed the AED and rode a golf cart to the 17th hole.

They attached the AED, which advised a shock. That shock got Brandenburg breathing again, and no further shock was advised. At that point, EMTs arrived to take over CPR and an ambulance transported Brandenburg to the hospital. He was found to have blocked arteries, and doctors performed triple bypass surgery.

The local paper, the News-Gazette, reported that Dr. Ronald Cossman, Brandenburg’s surgeon, credited prompt CPR and use of the golf course’s AED with Brandenburg’s successful recovery. The paper also reported that the Champaign County Forest Preserve District, where the golf course is located, has added two more defibrillators since the sudden cardiac arrest incident.

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