Denver man with AED-equipped car saves a life

Denver attorney, talk show host, and AED advocate Dan Caplis knows the value of having an automated external defibrillator close at hand: In 2007, a friend’s son died of sudden cardiac arrest while playing football at a school field because there was no AED available. Now Caplis, who coaches Little League, keeps an AED in his car. Just in case.

Last Thanksgiving, he used it. He was playing flag football with a group of friends when one of the other players, Dr. L. Chesney Thompson, collapsed.

Caplis dashed for his truck, grabbed his AED, and coordinated the rescue with Dr. Scott Bainbridge, who’d begun CPR. A shock from the AED revived Thompson, who was taken to the hospital. He was released the following week.

“I just hope people come away from this saying, ‘I have got to get me one of those,’” Caplis told, “because truly, everybody needs one of these machines,” he said.


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