Defibrillator saves 13-year-old; cardiac arrest not just for the old [VIDEO]

Josh McKeel, the coach and athletic director at Calloway County High School, is a big advocate for automated external defibrillators. That’s why his parents, Al and Jan McKeel, donated a Powerheart AED G3 to the Kentucky high school’s athletic department last month. They made the donation in memory of McKeel’s late grandparents.

Two days later, on August 6, McKeel used the device to save the life of a 7th grader who collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest while playing football at the high school field.

“When my parents gave it to the school, we talked about the fact that we’ll never use it,”McKeel told WPSD TV. “We’d hoped we never use it and to use it 48 hours later, on my granddad’s birthday—that’s not a coincidence.”

The video below tells how 13-year-old Trey Parks, a 7th grader from nearby Martin, Tennessee, collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest after a collision on the field at Calloway County High School. The Calloway County athletic trainer began CPR while McKeel got the AED from his office near by.

Parks was successfully revived, and taken by ambulance to the hospital for tests. He’s since been discharged, and is expected to play football again.

Athletic trainer Jen Salmon told the Murray Ledger & Times newspaper that is was the second time she has used an AED to revive a someone at the school stricken by sudden cardiac arrest. In January 2009, she used an AED in the school building to revive a spectator at a girls basketball game. reports that the incident inspired the Kiwanis Club in nearby Martin, Tennessee, to begin raising money to equip Martin’s local teams with portable AEDs that can go with them to away games.

For more information about Kentucky school AEDs and Tennessee school AEDs, please contactAED expert Ben Jennings.

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