Congratulations UK Motorsport: AED registration leads to free iPod


Darlington Motor Club Rescue Units

Congratulations to Chris Gibson for winning a free iPod by registering hisPowerheart AED G3 Prowith Cardiac Science.

Chris was kind enough to grant us an interview, so we talked to him about what prompted his AED purchase and why he chose the Powerheart G3 Pro over its competitors.

Cardiac Science: What motivated you to get an AED? Do you have more than one?
Chris:  The Darlington Motor Club has two motor sport rescue units. They could best be described as a cross between an ambulance and a firetruck, carrying a comprehensive amount of medical equipment together with many tools specifically designed to assist in removing a trapped driver from a vehicle.

The vehicles themselves are required to be licensed by the controlling body of UK Motorsport, the Motor Sports Association (MSA). The MSA regulations specify the equipment to be carried by a rescue unit. Part of the requirement for equipment we carry was upgraded by the MSA and we had to obtain a 3-lead defibrillator. As we have two motorsport rescue units, we had to purchase one for each vehicle.

Cardiac Science: How did you find out about Cardiac Science? Did you consider other defibrillators and choose Cardiac Science for a specific feature, benefit, or service?
Chris: I know about the various manufacturers of defibrillators. Having compared all the models available that met our specifications and budget, we decided to purchase the two Powerheart AED G3 Pros.

Cardiac Science: Do you know anyone who has died from sudden cardiac arrest? Do you have some kind of regulation that requires an AED on premise?
Chris:  I am aware of other Motorsport Rescue Units that have had to use their AED to save a life. Again, as the equipment list is stipulated by the Motor Sports Association UK, all units in the UK had to ensure that they carried defibrillators or their license would not be renewed.

Cardiac Science: Why did you register your product? Was it easy to do?
Chris:  The products were registered online so we could obtain any new updates or information from Cardiac Science. It was very easy to complete the online registration.

Cardiac Science: Who should our readers contact if they wish to support your organization?
Chris: The rescue units are manned entirely by unpaid volunteers who give up their own time traveling with the vehicles, providing rescue and medical cover at motor sport events. We are currently awaiting delivery of a new Mercedes Sprinter built to our specifications. Anyone who would like to assist in the sponsorship of the new unit, and gain publicity for their own company, should contact us via our website.


Motor Sport Rescue Unit Volunteers