Cardiac Science, In Partnership with and, Announce AED Grant Recipients

Ten fire and police departments around the country are gearing up to implement automated external defibrillators (AEDs) they won through the Cardiac Science AED grant program held in partnership with and

The grant program helps provide AEDs to police and fire first responders; who are often first on scene ahead of EMS. Statistics indicate that approximately 365,000 people in the US are victims of sudden cardiac arrest each year, and defibrillation within 3 minutes increases the chance of victim survival by 70 percent.  Having more AEDs in the hands of police and fire first responders will help save lives.

Each of the AED grant recipients were recently notified of their award and shared their inspiringstories of how their new Powerheart® AED will help in each of their own communities.

Capt. Greg Yeager of Artista Fire, Pa., a recipient of the award, mentioned one of their members had collapsed and succumbed to their condition during a fundraising breakfast outing in 2003. Members initiated care but were on their own without an AED until an official EMS response arrived about 15 minutes later. After that loss, the department initiated an AED program under the member’s name. They collected money, got a grant and bought their first AED, but it now needs replacement so this will be their second but only AED.

“We want to thank Firehouse, and Cardiac Science for offering this [AED] – we know it’s not a small expense,” Yeager said. “You could never put a price tag on what it can do.”

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