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Powerheart G5 AED

Powerheart G5 AED + 4 Year RRS Advanced

Powerheart G5 AED


Our package includes:
  • One (1) Powerheart G5 dual-language (English/Spanish) AED fully automatic mode.
    • Rescue Ready technology to ensure readiness, simple voice and text prompts in both English and Spanish.
    • One (1) Powerheart Intellisense lithium battery with 4-year replacement guarantee
    • One (1) set of adult defibrillation pads
    • Standard carry sleeve
    • 8-year AED warranty
    • AED Manager event reporting software, User Guides in both English and Spanish, and more!
    • Optional ICPR Feedback provides rescuers with immediate voice prompts if their CPR compression rate and depth are outside the 2015 AHA-acceptable parameters

*Price does not include ICPR Feedback.

Powerheart G5 Carry Sleeve
Powerheart G5 AED + 4 Year RRS Advanced


Our package includes:
  • The Powerheart G5 AED package PLUS:
    • Rescue Ready Services: 4 Year Advanced Package
      • Site Assessment & Rescue Support
        RRS assesses your location to determine the optimal number of AEDs and then recommends the best placement for easy accessibility. Should an AED be deployed during an event, a Cardiac Science technician will visit the site within 48 hours to download the event details, replace device components, and reset the AED.
      • Service & Maintenance
        With RRS, we will service and maintain your AEDs through Cardiac Science technicians who have comprehensive background checks–no third-party contractors here. We conduct annual visits to your site to ensure your devices are in good working order and replace expired pads, batteries, and other components.
      • Medical Direction & Oversight
        RRS provides your organization with medical direction and oversight. We will also help ensure that your program is compliant with federal, state, and local laws. Your AED program will be backed by a comprehensive indemnification policy1, providing peace of mind.
      • Online Training & Tools
        RRS provides you with online tools to manage your AED program, including our newly redesigned MasterTrak™ software that tracks your AEDs and their locations, an online training platform, CardiAcademy (our non-certified refresher course), to train your organization, and a Customer Toolbox that provides useful templates to facilitate communications about your AED program.

Note: You may add additional training, services, or accessories to your Cardiac Science AED package for a small increase in monthly payments.

1Indemnification policy refers to Cardiac Science AEDs only. See Cardiac Science indemnification policy for details.

Powerheart G5 AED + 4 Year RRS Advanced



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Financial Flexibility

Cardiac Science Capital allows you the financial flexibility you need for the AED program you deserve. With two package options available, and add-on accessories to customize each, we’ll find the right program to fit your financial needs.