California defibrillator bill protects rescuers from liability

A bill introduced Friday in the California Senate includes two provisions that would encourage automated external defibrillator (AED) use and deployment.


California State Senator Alex Padilla, AED bill sponsor

Senate Bill 1281, introduced bySenator Alex Padilla, extends the state’s current Good Samaritan law (due to expire in 2013) that exempts individuals who use an AED in an emergency situation from liability. In addition, the bill would repeal existing law that requires persons or entities (such as companies or organizations) that have AEDs to meet certain maintenance, testing, and training requirements.

The bill is based on findings including:

• Removing barriers to the use of AEDs will result in more opportunities for Good Samaritan acts and saved lives.
• More businesses will install these life-saving devices if the threat of liability is removed.
• Increasing access to AEDs will save lives.

Senator Padilla is a leader in California public safety and health issues. He chairs the Senate’s Select Committee on Obesity & Diabetes, sponsored the state’s landmark menu-labeling law, and has been instrumental in obtaining funding for pediatric trauma care.

Senate Bill 1281 is supported by the American Heart Association.

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