Boiling Springs Fire District Saves Resident’s Life!

Their mission is to be well prepared and equipped to strategically deploy and meet the emergency response needs of their customers. On April 2, the Boiling Springs Fire District (BSFD), located in Greenville, South Carolina, did exactly that: they saved a life with a Powerheart® automated external defibrillator (AED).

That morning, a man was mowing his lawn when he suddenly suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. His wife realized her husband was in grave danger and quickly called 911. She was instructed to perform CPR from the 911 dispatch operator.

Soon after, the BSFD had arrived on the scene to help the man in need. They had grabbed their Powerheart® G3 AED from the truck and quickly hooked up the AED to the patient. Once a shock was administered, the man regained a pulse and was taken to the hospital for post cardiac care. Today, the man is now in good health and has been discharged from the hospital.

Kyle Pflugner, Cardiac Science Area Manager, stopped by the BSFD a few weeks ago to give Cardiac Science save certificates to honor those who had helped save the man’s life.

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