An update on state AED legislation, Part 1

Editor’s Note: More than 67 pieces of legislation concerning automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are currently before state legislatures. This is the first installment of our roundup of these bills and resolutions:

Alabama AED legislation: HB 355, introduced by Representative Merika Coleman in January, is before the House Committee on Government Operations. Alabama AED Specialist Patrick Davis.

California AED legislation: SB 127, introduced by Senator Ronald Calderon in February, amends the section of the Health and Safety Code that requires health studios to acquire AEDs and exempts studios and employees from liability for civil damages resulting from AED use. The proposed amendment would extend the current law and includes provisions that pertain to those health studios that allow members access when an employee of the studio is not present to comply with AED-law requirements. SB 127 passed both houses of the legislature in late August and has been sent to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s office for signature. California AED Specialist and Regional Manager Mark Hermes.

Connecticut AED legislation: SB 186, sponsored by the General Law Committee, would establish requirements for the placement and maintenance of AEDs in health clubs. It has passed committees in both houses of the legislature and is currently with the Senate Judiciary Committee. Connecticut AED Specialist Doug Comstock.

District of Columbia AED legislation: B 794, introduced by Council member Tommy Wells in May, has been referred to the Libraries, Parks and Recreation Committee. It would require the mayor to establish an AED program for the district’s public library facilities. Washington DC AED Specialist Matt Lese.

Use Cardiac Science’s AED Legislation Search to find out more about pending AED legislation and enacted AED laws.

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