AED Awareness Week: AED education and training

One goal for AED Awareness Week is to increase awareness of automated external defibrillators, their effectiveness, and importance of having them available in public places.

Another goal is to help more people become familiar with AED use. Watch this video which explains how an AED works and then shows you a Cardiac Science Powerheart AED G3 Plus rescue, step by step.

Knowing where to find the AED at your workplace or ball field, knowing how easy it is to open an AED and follow the voice prompts during a rescue, and knowing how to do CPR when that’s necessary as part of a rescue — these can make a critical difference when someone has collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest and the difference between death and life is measured in seconds.

The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are both marking AED Awareness Week with ambitious campaigns to make CPR and AED training available to as many people as possible. The American Red Cross AED programs are part of a curriculum in first aid, CPR and AED education, with courses that can be tailored to specific age groups and interests.

The American Heart Association is asking people to get CPR training, then come to their site to make sure that your training is counted on their CPR map. You can find a CPR, first aid, or AED training class in your area through their ECC Class Connector web page.