9 1/2 cardiac arrest survivors under the age of 20

When a child goes into sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), time stops.

Regardless of the outcome, everyone who knows and loves that child remembers where they were when it happened. How they found out. What they did.

Too often, the outcome of the life-altering event depends on whether acardiac defibrillator like the Powerheart AED was nearby. Below are ten families who are forever grateful there WAS a defibrillator when their child was in danger.


Six-year-old Emiliano

  • Then six-year-old Emiliano Vela is alive today because of a Powerheart AED.
  • High school lacrosse players, Alex Beuris and James Hendrick, were struck during games, suffered commotio cordis, and were revived using AEDs. “Susceptibility in lacrosse to commotio cordis is disproportionate to that of many other competitive sports,” researchers say: Commotio cordis in sports: a link to lacrosse.



“He wrote, ‘I LOVE YOU.'”

  • Larry Gurganious wrote us about his son’s near-death experience, “As I entered the room, he motioned for a pen and wrote, ‘I LOVE YOU.’ I couldn’t hold back the tears. I knew then that God had made him OK.” AED saves young athlete.
  • Jordan Myhre lived. Daniel Lunger died. Did The AED Make All The Difference?
  • Michael Ward and Kyle Bednar, teens on opposing basketball teams, became friends at the hospital where both had surgery after they were revived at school by an AED. Meet two teenage cardiac arrest survivors.



    The Martinez family is restored

  • “Without that (device) and without her there, the doctors said my son would have probably died,” said Phil Martinez. “. . . I can’t tell you how grateful my wife and I are that they were there and handling the situation the way they did. AED save: 17-year-old Emilio Martinez.
  • Then 16-year-old Kaitlin Forbes fell to cardiac arrest playing softball at school. Her father, a State Trooper, was among those called to the scene. Kaitlin has since gone on to be a vocal advocate for AEDs. She and her mom Linda have been on Bonnie Hunt, CNN, and in People Magazine. Saving Kaitlin Forbes: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation launches campaign.


Miracles, all. And a lot of grateful families that, when their child was in danger, there was a safe and effective Powerheart cardiac defibrillator nearby.