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CPR and AED Awareness Week: Defibrillators in schools [PDF and VIDEO]

For many communities, the first priority when it comes to heart safety is putting automated external defibrillators in schools. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s crucial to equip schools with this life-saving equipment and provide training in its use: • Sudden cardiac arrest strikes people of all ages and all fitness levels. […]

Students win national award for sudden cardiac arrest video [VIDEO]

Student video about sudden cardiac arrest wins national award Two students at Norwich Free Academy in Norwich, Connecticut, won anational award from the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation for their video about the life and death of schoolmate Larry Pontbriant. Pontbriant died of sudden cardiac arrest three years ago while running in a fundraising event. His parents […]

AEDs in Connecticut law commentary from Ryan Gomes

The Connecticut AED law (CT AED) prompted Minnesota Timberwolves forward Ryan Gomes to write a letter to the Bridgeport Banner editor. You’ll recall that Gomes started Hoops for Heart Health after he lost his teammate Stanley Myers to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). An excerpt of Ryan Gomes’ AED Connecticut schools letter follows. “Recently, Senate Bill 981, An Act Concerning The Availability of Automatic […]

Connecticut AED law signed by Governor M. Jodi Rell

Connecticut Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed a bill into law that helps improve access to automated external defibrillators (video below). Senate Bill 981 was inspired by the 2007 sudden cardiac death of 15-year-old Larry Pontbriant after he collapsed during an annual race. “Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time, anywhere. You know our son was […]