Cardiac Science automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are more likely to save lives when they are implemented as part of a broader AED program designed, implemented and managed specifically for your organization. In fact, when your organization becomes a Rescue Ready® AED Management Services member, data show survival rates increase to more than 50 percent, up from the national average of only five percent.* Why should you allow us to manage your program? For starters, Cardiac Science has designed more than 20,000 Rescue Ready AED programs worldwide to help communities, schools and workplaces implement successful AED programs. We then customize your program to meet your organization’s needs and include these services:

  • Medical direction and AED prescriptions as required by your location.
  • Site assessment by a Cardiac Science technician to determine optimal AED quantity and placement. (optional)
  • Helpful email reminders (eMinders) informing you of pad and battery expiration dates and upcoming training dates.
  • Hands-on CPR/AED training by Cardiac Science educators to ensure your staff will have the knowledge and confidence to act. Our educators have taught more than 350,000 students and receive a 98% approval rating.
  • The powerful MasterTraksolution that provides ongoing record keeping including your AED inventory, locations, serial numbers, and helps you ensure your AEDs are ready for an emergency.
  • Maintenance from factory-certified AED technicians to perform scheduled service inspections and replace expired electrodes and/or batteries. Let us remove the burden of managing an AED program so your organization can focus on saving lives.

* Data based on records compiled by Cardiac Science on its Rescue Ready customer base.

Features – Steps to implementation

STEP 1: Choose a Rescue Ready AED

  • Our AEDs self-check all main AED components (battery, hardware, software, and pads) daily
  • Our AEDs complete a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly, and a full charge monthly

STEP 2: Design Your Program

  • Our solution is adaptable to any AED environment: from schools to corporations to any public places
  • We assist with medical direction in places where it is required
  • We assess your facility to determine the ideal number and location of your devices

Step 3: Implement Your Program

  • Our team will provide medical direction, including an AED prescription
  • Our expert educators will train personnel to ensure knowledgeable people are ready to utilize the AED in an emergency
  • We ensure devices are maintained and a qualified person is responsible for the program Cardiac Science maintains your program through MasterTrak

Step 4: Maintain Your Program

  • We track devices, training certificates and service records to provide accurate recordkeeping for auditing and program validation
  • We monitor expiration dates for batteries, pads, accessories, etc.
  • We track CPR card certificates
  • We provide answers to questions and solutions to problems, helping maintain a successful AED program.
Part Number Program Program Duration CPR/AED Training Course Medical Oversight First AID Training Course MasterTrak & E-Minders
9935-001 ECSI Quick Response Program Management Two years ECSI Training – 3 hour course for up to 10 students X X
9935-002 ECSI Quick Response Program Management Two years ECSI Training – 6 hour course for up to 10 students X X X
9934-001 AHA Quick Response Program Management Two years AHA Heartsaver AED/CPR Training – 3 hour course for up to 10 students X X
9934-002 AHA Quick Response Program Management Two years AHA Heartsaver AED/CPR Training – 6 hour course for up to 10 students X X X
Part Number Program Program Duration Criteria Includes
9940-021 Annual Service Visits  Two years Select this part number if a complete rescue ready program management plan is selected above
  • No-charge replacements for up to two adult electrodes, one pediatric electrode, and one battery annually
  • A recommended annual service inspection to ensure that your AED is operating correctly
  • Post-event service
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Helpful E-Minders
9940-221 Annual Service Visits Two years Select this part number if you wish to only receive service visits
Part Number Program Includes
9917-001 Site Assessment
  • AED Specialist will come on site to determine best location to deploy AED’s and recommended quantity needed
9928-002 Medical Oversight & MasterTrak with E-Minders
  • A licensed physician ensures education requirements are met, develops response protocols and provides instruction on post-event reporting
  • Meticulous record keeping of all associated AED program components
  • Monitoring program equipment inventory, locations, and serial numbers
  • Tracking expiration dates of pads and batteries
  • Keeping records of certification dates and employee training records
  • 24/7 program access
  • E-Minders provide monthly inspection reminders, equipment and supplies expiration dates, staff recertification reminders and contract expiration dates
9941-001 Interactive Eminders Upgrade
  • Upgrade to tracking software (MasterTrak) requesting the customers site piont of contact (POC) to respond to their inspection e-Minders
9922-001 Online AED Refresher Course
  • E-learning course reviews student training
  • Occurs 12 months after completion of class
  • Up to 10 students
    Note: Not a substitute for certification
9921-001 Blood-borne Pathogens Certified Course
  • Supplement to the CPR/AED course
  • Must be delivered at the same site and on the same day as the CPR/AED course
  • Up to 10 students