Powerheart® AED Family

AEDs built on a legacy of industry firsts. AEDs built for first-time and experienced rescuers.

Powerheart G5

G3 Pro AED unit

Powerheart G3 Plus

G5 AED unit

Powerheart G3 Pro

G3 Plus AED unit


Size (H x W x D)

2.4" x 9.0" x 11.8"
(9cm x 23cm x 30cm)

3.3" x 10.6" x 12.4"
(8cm x 27cm x 31cm)

3.3" x 10.6" x 12.4"
(8cm x 27cm x 31cm)

Weight (with battery and pads)

5.7lbs. (2.60kg)

6.6lbs. (3.10kg)

6.6lbs. (3.10kg)

Fully Automatic Mode

Semi-Automatic Mode

Variable Escalating Energy

Rescue and CPR Prompt Settings

Basic, Standard or Advanced

Basic, Standard



Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rescue Ready Self Testing

Weekly Partial Charge of the AED High-Coltage Electronics

Monthly Full Charge of the AED High-Voltage Electronics

Dual-Language Functionality

Fast Shock Functionality (<10 seconds) *

Optional IntellisenseTM CPR Feedback

Device Warranty

8 years

7 years

7 years

4-Year, Non-Rechargeable Battery Replacement Performance Guarantee

Ingress Protection Rating




Data Transfer

USB Flash Drive or Direct Connect Cable

Direct Connect Cable

Direct Connect Cable

Redommended User Type

First-Time, Intermediate, or Professional Rescuer

First-Time Rescuer and Immediate Rescuer

Professional Rescuer

*Post CPR