Maitland (Florida) Fire/Rescue and Police Departments Deploy Cardiac Science Powerheart® G5 AEDs

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WAUKESHA, Wis., July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Cardiac Science announced today that the Maitland (Florida) Fire/Rescue and Police departments have purchased the new Powerheart® G5 automated external defibrillator (AED) to enhance their existing AED programs.

“We chose to upgrade to the Powerheart G5 with this purchase,” said Deputy Police Chief Bill McEachnie. “When it comes to a piece of equipment that can mean the difference between life or death for our employees and our residents, we want the best device available.”

“Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) does not have to result in sudden death,” said Fire Chief Kimberly Neisler. “With our expanded AED programs, lives in our community can be saved prior to the arrival of paramedics.”

Cardiac Science, an Opto Circuits group company and global leader in AEDs, introduced the Powerheart G5 earlier this year. It is the first FDA-cleared AED to offer a combination of automatic shock delivery, variable escalating energy, and rapid shock times. The device enables anyone–from a first-time user to a professional rescuer–to respond to an SCA incident.

Maitland, part of the Greater Metro Orlando area, has a residential population of 16,000 and a business center where 17,000 people from the region come to work. The Fire/Rescue Department’s AEDs will be assigned to vehicles for use in the field. The Police Department placed Powerheart G5s in its headquarters and booking facility and put one on the road with the shift supervisor for use during emergencies and high-risk operations.

“Easy-to-use AEDS are quickly becoming essential equipment for police and other public-safety first responders,” said Al Ford, Cardiac Science General Manager and Senior Vice President of Sales / Marketing. “The new Powerheart G5 is light enough to be easily portable in the field and tough enough to meet military standards.”

The Powerheart G5 was also designed for ease of maintenance. It conducts daily, weekly, and monthly self tests and has a highly visible indicator to confirm the device’s Rescue Ready® status. It comes with an 8-year warranty and a 4-year performance guarantee on its Intellisense® medical grade non-rechargeable batteries.

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