Powerheart® G5 AED Eight-Year Warranty

Beginning May 20, 2015, all forward production Powerheart® G5 AEDs outside the US and Canada will include an eight (8) year limited warranty. To view a multi-language statement about our change in warranty, click on the PDF link below: Multi-language PDF Please contact your local Cardiac Science representative for more information or Cardiac Science Customer Support […]

Notice on Third-Party Electrodes, Batteries

The Food and Drug Administration recently extended market clearance for AED electrodes and batteries to third parties. Cardiac Science does not approve or endorse use of these third-party AED products/accessories–batteries, pads, cables, or optional equipment–with any Cardiac Sciences Powerheart® device. These third-party AED products/accessories are not Cardiac Science products or accessories. Both the Cardiac Science […]

CRM End of Service

FULL DESCRIPTION: Technical Support for all Powerheart CRM models ended in 2011. CRM Therapy Electrodes (170-2007): Electrodes for the all CRM models are no longer available.  No substitutes are available for this part. For more information, call our Customer Support at +1.262.953.3500 or +1.800.426.0337.

End of Support for all 9200-Series Cardiac Science AEDs

FULL DESCRIPTION: It has become increasingly difficult for us to maintain a high level of service for the models listed below. Therefore, effective immediately, we will no longer be able to repair, or provide batteries and electrodes for these devices: 9200 Survivalink/FirstSave AED 9210 Survivalink/FirstSave AED 9200D Survivalink/FirstSave AED 9210D Survivalink/FirstSave AED 9200RD Powerheart AED […]