Cardiac Science for the week of March 30

Our weekly update on news in the world of heart safety and noninvasive cardiology

Spanish government plan will site AEDs in public places

The news blog Typically Spanish reports that Spanish cabinet approved by royal decree a Spanish Ministry of Health plan to put automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the country’s public places, including airports, train stations, and shopping centers. The ministry cited statistics that 90% chance of recovery if the machine is used in the first minute of a sudden cardiac arrest. An estimated 24,500 heart attacks occur outside of hospitals in Spain annually, with 30 percent of heart attack victims dying before they reach hospital care.

NBA star Gomes donates Powerheart AED to Los Angeles Mission

Minnesota Timberwolves NBA forward Ryan Gomes has donated a Cardiac Science Powerheart automated external defibrillator (AED) to the Los Angeles Mission, a social service agency that provides meals, clothing, and shelter to the homeless and needy. Just a few months ago, Gomes lost Timberwolves teammate Stanley Myers to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

“Many of our guests struggle with medical issues, and we are very grateful that we can now provide an additional level of emergency medical service,” said Herb Smith, president of the Los Angeles Mission.

The Mission falls within the service area of L.A. Fire Department Station 9 (“Skid Row”), the busiest fire station in the nation. Station 9 Battalion Captain Keith Scott hailed the installation of the new AED for its ability to save a life in the critical “critical 1 to 3 minute life-saving window” after SCA occurs.

The L.A. Fire Department last year equipped its first responder units with 425 Powerheart G3 and G3 Pro AEDs.

Cardiac Science Territory Manager Brandon Keith noted that “almost anyone can use a Cardiac Science AED because it includes easy-to-follow voice instructions to guide rescuers through the process.”

1,000 North Americans die from SCA every day; according to the American Heart Association, half of them had no idea they had heart disease. The U.S . Occupational Health & Safety Administration has found that 13 percent of workplace fatalities in the country result from SCA. The only known treatment for SCA is a defibrillation shock to restore normal heartbeat.

Market research company analyzes defibrillator market

A new market research report has been released that profiles 28 manufacturers of external and internal defibrillators, including the Cardiac Science Powerheart line, and forecasts market trends through 2015. The report, World Cardiac Defibrillators Market, is available through for $3,450. A detailed outline of the report contents is available on the website.

Kaitlin Forbes’ crusade for heart safety makes People Magazine

Teenager Kaitlin Forbes, the sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survivor featured in this Cardiac Science video, was in this week’s People Magazine. (The text of the article is available via the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association.) We’re thrilled to see national exposure for our friend Kaitlin’s work to increase public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest.