Cardiac Science AEDs in Spain [VIDEO]

As we recently reported, Cardiac Science won the first major public access defibrillation program in Spain. Spain becomes the first European country to have a wide network of defibrillators to act immediately in sudden cardiac arrest emergencies.

According to Dipsalut, Public Health organization of the Girona Council (Organismo de Salud Pública de la Diputación de Gerona), today only two survive out of every hundred people who suffer a sudden death in the street. It is estimated that the installation of defibrillators for public use can increase the survival rate to 20 or 25%.

Dipsalut presented the Cardiac Science AED G3 Plus defibrillator in a briefing with Mayors of the province at Technology Park of Girona. Dipsalut introduced the “Girona cardioprotegit territory,” the network of up to 650 defibrillators for public use in the municipalities of the province.

See a video of the Girona cardioprotegit territory event: