An update on state AED legislation, Part 3

Editor’s Note: This is the third installment of our Fall 2010 roundup aboutlegislation concerning automated external defibrillators (AEDs) currently before state legislatures. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


New York AED legislation: AB 4443, (introduced by Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey) would require golf courses to have AEDs; it has been referred to the Economic Development Committee. AB 5611 (Assemblyman Steven C. Englebright) requiring AEDs in assisted living facilities and AB 7710 (Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino) requiring AEDs in nursing homes, have been referred to the Health Committee. AB 5907 (Assemblyman Matthew Titone) requiring state police vehicles to be equipped with AEDs, and AB 6981 (Assemblyman Joseph S. Saladino) requiring AEDs in state police facilities and vehicles, have been referred to Governmental Operations. AB 9367 (Assemblyman Dennis H. Gabryszak) and AB 9434 (Assemblyman David G. McDonough) both would require AED certification for school teachers; both were referred to the Education Committee. AB 11448, sponsored by the Rules Committee, would require AEDs in dental offices; it’s been referred to the Higher Education Committee. AB 11458 / SB 8366 would require health clubs to provide AEDs during business hours; it passed the Assembly and has been referred to the Senate Rules committee. SB 1324 (Senator Carl Kruger) would require the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to place AEDs throughout major air terminals. It’s been referred to committee. (New York AED Specialists Brian Vaughn and Doug Comstock)

Ohio AED legislation: HB 226 (Representative Tracy Heard) would provided qualified civil and criminal immunity to an owner or employee of a hotel that sites AEDs, as long as certain training and record-keeping conditions are met. The bill was referred to the Civil & Commercial Law Committee. (Ohio AED Specialists  Troy Pflugner and Chris Price)

Pennsylvania AED legislation: HB 1307 (Representative John J. Siptroth) would amend the public school code to provide for CPR and AED training, a cardiovascular screening pilot program, and availability of AEDs. It passed the House Appropriations Committee in September. HB 2733(Representative R. Ted Harhai) would amend the public school code to provide for AED availability and CPR instruction; it passed the House earlier this month and is now before the Senate Education Committee. SB 1322 (Senator Lisa Baker), which pertains to Good Samaritan civil immunity related to AED use, is before the Judiciary Committee. (Pennsylvania AED Specialists Valerie Joseph and Chip Miller)

South Carolina AED legislation: HB 7289 (Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter) would require AED training programs in high schools. It has been referred to the Education and Public Works Committee. (South Carolina AED Specialist Spiff Walsh)

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