AEDs in Connecticut law commentary from Ryan Gomes

The Connecticut AED law (CT AED) prompted Minnesota Timberwolves forward Ryan Gomes to write a letter to the Bridgeport Banner editor.

You’ll recall that Gomes started Hoops for Heart Health after he lost his teammate Stanley Myers to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

An excerpt of Ryan Gomes’ AED Connecticut schools letter follows.

“Recently, Senate Bill 981, An Act Concerning The Availability of Automatic External Defibrillators(AEDs in Schools), passed in both chambers of Connecticut’s legislature. On May 27th , Governor Jodi Rell signed the bill into law. Public Act 09-94 requires schools in the state to have at least one AED accessible both during the school day and after hours for school sponsored events including sports by July 1, 2010. No state funding is required as schools are allowed to accept donations, seek grant funding, and fund raise in order to acquire an AED.”

View an ESPN video featuring Ryan Gomes’ work on Hoops for Heart Health.

We applaud Gomes for everything he’s doing to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and early defibrillation.

Contact Connecticut AED Specialist Doug Comstock for advice on the Connecticut AED law.